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Personal coach from basic skills training to Self unfoldment.

Coaching on an appropriate level


PsF:s coaching program is based on the principles of Psychosynthesis in combination with models and methods from NLP, NeuroLinguistic Programming. The program is built up around the notion of leading the client through a hierarchy of levels of change, and on the fact that the mode of learning is fundamentally different in the different levels of change.

Self-growth on all levels

Change Levels

The program consists of six sections, one for each level of change. How long time a client needs for each section is of course depending on the individual client, and may have to be clarified and planned for through an preparation interview.

A typical program, where the client has decided to participate in all six sections, takes 36 hours of coaching and covers a calendar time of 18 to 22 weeks: 3 hours per week, two weeks in a row, 2 to 3 weeks of integration time between each program section. The program leader has been trained to adapt the coaching role to each level of change:
The Advisor, The Performance Coach, The Teacher, The Mentor, The Sponsor and The Awakener.

Designing the coaching to the present need

The client can choose on which level of change he/she wants coaching, depending on situation, personal ambitions and/or on what is practical for oneself or one´s employer.
Different types of coaching is offered: life coaching, career coaching, management coaching and executive coaching.

The program is set up so each level can be offered as a stand-alone package, providing that one has acquired the knowledge and skills on the lower levels, either via our program or by other means. It is also possible to get coaching at one level and then to make a brake (for example in order to test new skills by oneself), and then to continue the coaching program on the same or following levels at a later time.


Video-coaching over the web


Open an account on Zoom, pre-pay to PsykosyntesForum, book time via telephone / mail, wait for our call. Click on the banner to the left to come to an instruction.

Make your own Life Wheel

The Life Wheel

Create an image of your life situation, in order to get a feeling of in which area of your life would benefit from personal coaching. Click on the "Life Wheel" here to the left to get a pdf file, which you can print out. Enter which Life Areas that feel relevant for you. Mark by shadowing the number of circle sectors you feel correspond to how well this Life Area meets your ambition and longing, on a scale from 0 to 10.

Examples of Life Areas:
Relations, Health, Career, Leisure time, Living quarters, Economy, Romance, Personal development.

Life Leadership Coaching

Life Leadership Coaching

We have a sister company to PsykosyntesForum, that specializes in coaching:

Click on the link or the logo to the left to go there.

Life Coaching:
Become the CEO of your own life, create life balance. Clarify your life goals, self-image, inner values and beliefs, find your inner resources and act on them. Employment changes, Career.

Leadership Coaching:
Become clear about your self, develop your leadership, learn precise communication, motivate your  personnel, stimulate and enhance  creativity and drive. Become a Team Coach.

Executive Coaching:
Work systematically with vision, corporate identity, business goals, mission and values in order to get adequate personnel training, good action plans and an efficient operation.

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