Coaching on level 2 - The Performance Coach.

In the performance coaching level the behavior of the client is in focus.

What he/she does, what could be good to enhance, what can be done in a clearer way.
What may need to be done less or not at all.

Basic assumptions:

  • People have the skills they need in order to act in a way that benefits them.
    These skills can be activated by appropriate positive feed-back and praise.

  • My client will develop his/her way of acting in a natural way by getting good
    feed-back and honest praise.

  • Each person masters something. With good feed-back and honest praise my client
    will reach his/her highest potential in his/her occupational area.

  • If someone knows what he/she is good at, he/she can easily develop this skill.

  • My client will grow and develop by stretching his/her skills and by getting praise
    for his/her efforts.


Specific formulation of goals for the performance and for the concrete desired results. Feed-back of the measurable results from using knowledge and skills. Subconscious anchoring of resource states. Cross-coupling of resources from strong states to weak states.

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