Coaching on level 1 - Guiding.

The section Guiding in PsF's coaching program consists of the following steps

1.   Explore your inner values.

2.   Define your key values.

3.   The Time Line.

4.   Explore your key interests.

5.   Concretize your key interests.

6.   Develop your key interests.

7.   Explore your competence and your skills.

8.   Your eight key skills.

9.   Describe the success stories of your life.

10. Describe the success stories in your work.

11. Survey your personal areas of work.

12. What do you know about your key work areas?

13. Creativity exercise.

14. Explore your personal obstacles.

15. Find your patterns.

16. Back to the future.

17. Tear down the pyramid.

18. Transform your obstacles to possibilities.

19. Action plan for bypassing your obstacles.

20. Summary, Action Plan.

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