Coaching on level 3 - The teacher.

In the teaching phase the skills of the client are in focus.

How the client acts, what the client needs to improve. Which skills that need to be further developed, which new skills that may need to be acquired.

Basic assumptions:

  • Everyone can learn new skills.

  • I will have concepts and ideas that will stimulate my client.

  • I will be enriched by listening to my client's questions and ideas.

  • Developing one's skills will always increase a person's motivation.

  • People learn easily when they get positive feed-back and
    when they get their ideas confirmed.

  • Each person learns in his/her own way, at his/her own pace,
    and this is always optimal.


Analysis of the client's personal learning style. Mental training / getting knowledge of one's subconscious, inner maps, meta positions. Conscious control of one's state of mind. The TATE model (Test-Act-Test-Exit). Perceptional Positions (how we subconsciously look at ourselves), braking a locked emotional state, cognitive methods for enhancing creativity.

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