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Let go of what blocks you from knowing
what your innermost will is for your life.
You need not be anyone else than yourself.
Find your inner peace.
Mobilize your mind to achieve your goals.
Lars Gimstedt
Lars Gimstedt

Coaching, therapy and web products for personal development.

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The web products include e-courses, e-books and audio files with Psychosynthesis Visualizations.
For the first two categories, please go to the full scale home page, as these products are designed for a computer screen.

The Psychosynthesis Visualizations, though, can be purchased via your mobile, so that you can download and listenen to them in your mobile.

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BIO-FEEDBACK via measurment of pulse and skin conductivity is a method we use both in therapy and in coaching and which you also can purchase for use at home. The tools we use come from
The Wild Divine Project.

Conscious Breathing
Learn how to develop your breathing, which will affect both your psychological and physiological well-being.

BOOKS BOOKS and other media
A forum for asocial media !

PsFs BOOK SHOP:, a large Swedish internet book shop.

Click on the image to come to an information page about Bokus, and where some of the important books about Psychosynthesis are presented.

Spiritual Cinema Circle


Do you feel how many movies
give you negative energies?

Join a cinema circle, where you each month receive movies that touch your heart, lift you up and empower. Read more ->

Cognitive Script Therapy COGNITIVE

Cognitive Script Therapy

Cognitive Script Therapy (CST) is related to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but uses more extensively methods that are more directly aimed at the subconscious mind, and which more directly work with inner images and inner conditioned programming.
On the page about CST scripts on mp3 are presented, and which you can listen at for free (Newsletter subscribers) and which you also can buy and download.
Breathing AOM Breathing
Learn how to find your natural breathing in order to find your Inner Peace.
(Free with Newsletters.)
Basic Communication Basic Communication
Become a master communicator and a skilled negotiator. Create closeness, understanding and co-operation.
Conscious Vision Conscious Vision.
A mini-course i e-book format. Train Conscious Vision - and become more Consciously Present.
Eating Scripts Eating Script.
Re-program your subconscious mind, letting your body auto-matically tell you how you shall eat.
(Free with Newsletters.)
Get Unstuck Get Unstuck.
Learn to re-program your subconscious mind to interrupt an emotional blocking.
12 pages, 14 minutes mp3.
Criticism Handle Criticism.
Learn how to re-program your subconscious mind to make you respond to criticism constructively.
(Continuation to Get Unstuck.)
10 text pages, 55 minutes mp3.
ETT ETT- Eliminate TimeThieves.
A mini-course in e-book format.
Become focussed and efficient by learning how to identify and eliminate different timethieves.
Healing Empower Your Inner Healing.
Activate your body´s hidden knowledge.
Text + 3 mp3 total 60 min.
Mental Frames Mental Frames.
Develop your ability to be aware of your thought patterns and change them so that they empower you.
(Free with Newsletters.)
My Mission My Mission

A comprehensive e-course, where you in 10 distinct step are coached in describing your Vision for your life and formulating your Mission Statement.

A Psychosynthesis perspective
on A Course in Miracles

The e-course will coach you in your studies of ACIM, which aims at making you aware of what your Higher I, your Self, really is. ACIM ultimately aims at making you restore your one-ness with God.

Befria Release the Emotion.
Find your ability to let go of limiting and paralyzing emotions.
Text&e-book 32p + 5 mp3 1.7h
Allergy Reprogram Your Allergy.
Eliminate allergy through subconscious reprogramming.
Text + 4 mp3 total 70 min.
Relation Reprogram Your Relation.
An e-course ten sections and seven "sub-courses".
Reprogram subconscious behavior patterns, develop your relation.
Stuttering Reprogram Your Stuttering.
Learn how to find your ability to speak fluently, and to have access to this ability in more and more situations.
67 pages, 18 mp3 total 3 hours.
Dyslexi You Can Spell.
A mini-course in e-book format.
Learn how to use your memory access in an optimal way in order to find your ability for spelling correctly.
from other providers

Confidence Trigger
Confidence Trigger
Associate SUPER-CONFIDENCE with something simple - such as pressing your thumb and forefinger together.
Read the guide for the special NLP script, then install the Confidence Trigger, by listening to a 5-minute MP3 recording a few times.

The e-course Extrovert Me Extrovert Me
How to Overcome Shyness, Become the Life of the Party, and Totally BOOST Your Confidence...
By Bradley Thomson.
Happiness Now

Happiness Now

Discover lasting freedom & happiness TODAY ...

* Enjoy a sense of happiness.
* Heighten your self-esteem.
* Eliminate all stress and anxiety.
* Take control over your emotions.

Power of Breathing

Power of Breathing

Learn how to breathe correctly:

* Become happier.
* Boost mental skills.
* Eliminate tension.
* Sleep better.
* Spiritual breakthrough

Change Your Self-Talk


Positive affirmations empowering

* Self-confidence and success.
* Health and happiness.
* Relations and life goals.

Stop Unwanted Thoughts Stop Unwanted Thoughts

Get Rid Of ALL Your UNWANTED Thoughts – TODAY!
STOP Damaging Thoughts That Seem Uncontrollable, Become FREE Again – And Regain Control Of Your MIND!

Subliminal Power

Subliminal Power

Discover the Subliminal Software Tool that TURBO-CHARGES Your Mind!
Used by 1+ million people worldwide.

* Activate your inner genius.
* Release life-long fears & phobias.
* Become happier from within.
* Reach your ideal weight easily.

The Ultimate NLP Course

The Ultimate NLP Course

* Become Ultra-confident NOW...
* Crush Stage Fright Immediately...
* Delete Fears & Phobias in Minutes...
* Tap into Peak Performance 24/ ...
* Become Super-Motivated, Instantly...

Brainwave Entrainment Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment (BWE)

Specially designed background audio "forces" your brain into relaxed or heightened states, depending on frequency.
Read about BWE, and about the products containing BWE.

Take a short brake and find your inner peace with the help of one of our Nature Meditations.
At the end of the meditation you will get a small gift, inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh.
(Click on the image to the left.)

The audio files in Holosync activates the same brain waves that naturally occur in deep meditation. You will experience the same typical effects on your personal development as with traditional meditation techniques, but in substantially shorter amount of time.

Secrets of Meditation
With The Secrets of Meditation by Deepak Chopra, you’ll embark on a soothing journey into an visually immersive, rich world where you’ll unlock the secrets of a deeper, more fulfilling meditation practice. You will tap into levels of the unconscious, previously attainable only after years of study.
My Desktop Therapist

My Desktop Therapist

Program yourself up to 3600 subliminal affirmations every hour.

Create EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions.

The Yoga Tutor

The Yoga Tutor

Learning Yoga online has never been this easy!

- Step-By-Step Yoga Lessons.
- 130 Powerful Yoga Techniques.

Psychosynthesis Visualizations are often used as a method in Psychosynthesis coaching and therapy for creating inner change on a subconscious level.

On the page you can listen for free (Newsletter subscribers) at a number of visualizations on mp3, and which you via buttons on the page can buy and download.
Self-hypnosis SELF HYPNOSIS
PSYKOSYNC, a product from PsykosyntesForum.
If you have something specific you want to change in yourself, you can order an individually designed Self Hypnosis Training Program on mp3 or CD.

Examples on topics: quit smoking, self confidence, social phobia, stuttering, stress coping, sleep disturbances, overweight.


In addition to our own self-hypnosis products, PsykosyntesForum as an affiliate partner also offers self-hypnosis audio recordings from other suppliers. We have selected a number of suppliers, listed here below, and they all provide excellent products.

The reason we offer more than one supplier is that they differ in respect to voice quality, background music, hypnosis style, etc, and that one may suit your personal needs better than the others. So take your time and read through what they offer, take part of free samples, and select one that works best for you.

Hypnoshop HYPNOSHOP.
Self Hypnosis-mp3 and CDs.
Hypnosis Downloads HYPNOSIS DOWNLOADS.
Self Hypnosis-mp3 and CDs.
Hypnosis Network HYPNOSIS NETWORK.
Self Hypnosis-mp3 and CDs.
Natural self-hypnosis on mp3 and CD.
16 cd's for self-esteem, weight, inner balance, sleep-quality, etc.


A Personality Test based on the several thousand years old symbolism The Four Elements has been developed at PsykosyntesForum.
The concept has its roots in the Personality Typology by Carl Gustav Jung (Thinker/Feeler, Intuiter/Senser, Introvert/Extrovert, Perceiver/Judger).