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Hypnosis Network

PsykosyntesForum offers hypnosis scripts on audio files,
as an affiliate to the site HypnosisNetwork.com.

Premiere Audio Hypnosis Solutions by Expert Psychologists

We publish audio hypnosis sessions by licensed therapists. Each therapist we choose is a leader in the field, known for expertise and professionalism.

Unsure about hypnosis? It is approved by the American Medical Association when used by professionals, and is one of the best ways to access your subconscious mind and reach more of your potential.

You Can Lose All The Weight You Want!

Discover The Secret Psychology Behind How
Our Culture Tricks You into Being Overweight...

And How to Defend Yourself with Scientifically Verified Weight Loss Methods.

Here Are Just 3 of the 20 Strategies You'll Get:

How to over-ride your genetic disposition for being overweight.

How to reduce your portion sizes by up to 73% . . .
without noticing the difference!

How to eat out at restaurants and still lose weight!
(We have been selling this book for $19, but have decided to make it available for you today at no cost.)

Some of the products: (See table below for full listing)

Core Inner Strength Mental Toughness Performance Anxiety Uncertainty Productivity
Weight Loss New Moms Headache Pain Management Stress Management
Lasting Longer Maintain Pleasure Renew Romance Kids Stories Bedwetting
  Healing Injuries Pain Management Sports Performance  
  Quit Smoking Quit Smoking Report


In just 20 minutes a day, you
can experience the proven
benefits of hypnosis by using
actual hypnosis sessions
created by the premier psychologists practicing
hypnosis today.

Through extensive research and
a stringent vetting process, we
have recruited the best
psychologists to create hypnosis
programs for you in their area
of expertise.


Each program comes on CDs,
which you can pop into your CD
player or load into your IPOD or
MP3 player. No headphones
are required.


These programs will put you in
more control over your thoughts,
beliefs, and habits so that you
can make the changes you want
to make instead of living in a
quiet (or not so quiet) state of





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