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Do you feel how many movies
give you negative energies?

Join a cinema circle, where you each month receive movies
that touch your heart, lift you up and empower.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Lars Gimstedt
Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis

In my work as a psychotherapist, I often use
guided imagery, intuitive painting and other work
involving visual symbols and images.

Through this, I have become very aware of how much we,
mostly subconsciously, are affected by images.

In therapy and coaching, I use this for inner healing
and empowering.

But I am increasingly worried about how negative images
around us affect us, especially when they are in form of video,
film and realistic computer games.

I think we need to balance this negative influence (Assagioli called this type of input "psychological smog") with images containing positive energies.

One good way of doing this, one I have used myself
for a long period of time, is to join the Spiritual Cinema Circle,
and each month get movies filled with positive energy,
that are uplifting, inspiring and empowering.

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_____ Spiritual Cinema Circle, watch the video below:
Spiritual Cinema Circle

Welcome to Spiritual Cinema Circle.
The heart and soul of cinema.

As a member, you will receive:

Inspiration: 4 festival-quality films on one DVD each month, yours to keep & share.

Variety: A captivating blend of full-length features, shorts & documentaries.

Reflection: Monthly questions that inspire conversation.

A welcoming online community.

Quality: Endorsed by top visionaries, including Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield & Gary Zukav.

Four inspiring new films every month, award-winning films you won't see anywhere else. Get your FREE trial of Spiritual Cinema Circle today (plus S&H)Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Download samples: SCC_VOLUME_4_2013.ISO and SCC_VOLUME_4_2016.ISO.
These are DVD image files: you can either burn them onto DVD's, or play them on your computer with the free free program VLC.

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