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Cognitive Script Therapy

Frustrated because your self-insights
have not led to any real inner change?

Re-program your subconscious mind
with Cognitive Script Therapy.

Reprogram your subconscious mind with conscious awareness.
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Cognitive deep-therapy

Cognitive Script Therapy (CST) is related to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but CST more extensively utilizes methods and techniques that work more directly with the subconscious mind. Many of these methods come from NLP, NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Tailor-made methods for different types of troubles

Some of the techniques used have been developed for specific problems, like phobias, post-traumatic stress, behavioral dysfunctions, obsessions. Others have more general purposes. Most of the techniques are aimed at making changes in the inner "scripts" that subconsciously control our reactions and our way of acting. These scripts, that function like subconscious "autopilots", are almost exclusively based on inner, subconscious, images. These inner images are by repeated conditioning coupled to certain beliefs, decisions, emotions. Most of these scripts have a positive function and lead to an appropriate and goal-oriented way of acting. Others can be coupled to negative emotions, limiting beliefs about oneself, and can restrain us, stop us or lead to negative ways of acting. With CST and other methods for subconscious re-programming inner limiting mental and emotional scripts can be altered and developed.

Life Track Therapy, a more general method within script therapy

One of the more general-purpose methods is Life Track Therapy, that is based on the fact that we organize our inner images, both memories and future time images, by placing them along a line in our inner space, in chronological order. This is not a symbolic description, but a neurological description of what the brain actually does with the help of the visual center. The inner geometrics of the "Life Track" is different from individual to individual, but has certain general properties that are common for most people.

Through different visualization techniques the Life Track can be altered, and this leads to positive changes of our self-image, changes in how memories affect us, changes in how we look at our future life.

Individually designed selfhelp programs on mp3 or audio-CD

For specific goals for inner change CST can be used by yourself, with the help of selfhelp programs on audio file, at which you listen in an inner state of deep relaxation.

Some of these programs are based on Self-Hypnosis and also have an audial background for Binaural Brainwave Entrainment, BWE, which influences your brain to have the type of brain waves typical for meditation and hypnotic trance.

Brainwave Entrainment

Self-study CST scripts and e-courses for downloading

Below, CST scripts and e-courses available to buy and download are presented,
first in a 22 minute video, and below this, in writing as well.

Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt.
(The video is on YouTube as well. Look at our other videos.)



A number of ready-made scripts are available for download.
The button "Pay and download" takes you to a PayPal page,
where you pay with credit card or via your PayPal account,
after which you will be transferred to a download page.

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Selfhypnosis mini-course

Hypnosis – eerie, strange, unpredictable?

Learn self-hypnosis, an easy, predictable and powerful tool for self-growth.

Price $ 13
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In this self-hypnosis mini-course you will get instructions for efficient relaxation and for using all your senses in a specific way in order to quickly make yourself go into a state of hypnotic trance. Your ability for self-hypnosis will increase for each time you listen.

The selfhypnosis session contains a number of generalized hypnotic inductions about desired positive change, which you have defined for yourself before the session.

This recording resembles PSYKOSYNC, a product that can be produced after ordering: tailor-made selfhypnosis session with hypnotic inductions that you have specified yourself, and with BWE.
Mp3, 55 Mb, 40 minutes.
With BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.
Look at a short YouTube video about the mini-course :

Belief Buster The Belief Buster
This script uses the visual properties of inner images of yourself, both the "modalities" - the visual, audial and kinesthetic "channels" - and the "submodalities" - the specific properties of the images in each channel. Via a visualization technique, the properties of these inner images can be altered, such that old negative beliefs about yourself can be eliminated, and positive beliefs can be reinforced.

Price $ 10
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Mp3, 42 Mb, 31 minutes. With BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. ________ Look at a short YouTube video :

The Well The Well
Resourcing yourself. Re-source - can be interpreted as Going Back to the Source.

This exercise will help you to find your Innermost Deepest Well, with the help of your Chakra centers (the different energy centers of the body).

Price $ 3,50
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The Well for your Inner Resources that you always have inside yourself, but which you may not always have access to. This exercise is well suited for regular use, as a recurring meditation.
Mp3, 25 Mb, 21 minutes. Has BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. ________ Look at a short YouTube video :


E-courses based on CST

E-courses are available on-line over the web.
They are designed with a combination of text,
images and audio recordings.
Many of the courses include downloadable e-books.

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AOM Breathing

AOM Breathing

Having difficulties winding down?

Find the ultimate key to
instant relaxation

Price $ 0,1
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Learn how to find your natural breathing in order to find your Inner Peace.

This e-course will lead you through a process for getting to know your body and for training a specific psycho-motoric breathing technique. The technique has also been shown to alleviate sinusitis. E-book 8 pages, downloadable audio 15 min.

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Stop dieting


Been on a diet many times,
and then just returned to your
old weight again?

Re-program your subconscious mind, letting your body automatically tell you how you
shall eat. Eat and feel well!

Price $ 3,50
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E-paper in pdf format, 5 pages.

Read more about our treatment methods for reaching one's Ideal Weight.

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Look at a short YouTube video :

Empower Your Inner Healing Empower Your Inner Healing

You will learn how to use your subconscious mind's and your body's hidden knowledge
for empowering and activating your body's ability to heal itself, by becoming conscious of and by transforming inner images, emotions and body sensations.
Read/listen to a sample.
Price $ 39
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The course consists of tutorial text, with 30 minutes in audial version on mp3 files, and a self-hypnosis session of 30 minutes on mp3 file.

Has BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. The course can be read and listened to on-line, and/or can be downloaded.

Look at a short YouTube video :

Get Unstuck


Do you sometimes get completely
blocked in an overwhelming emotion?

Re-program your subconscious mind
so that you can act constructively.

Price $ 27
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E-course, 12 text pages, 14 minutes audio recording._

Look at a short YouTube video :


Handle Criticism


Do you get stuck when criticized?

Re-program your subconscious mind
so that you can respond to criticism
in a constructive way.

(This e-course is a
continuation course to
Get Unstuck, and can
only be purchased at
the end of this e-course.)

Learn also how to criticize so that the other person feels OK, listens and responds constructively.

E-course, 10 text pages, 55 minutes audio recordings.

Look at a short YouTube video :


Mental Frames


Getting stuck sometimes in
negative thoughts?

Learn to empower yourself by
shifting your inner focus:

Price $ 6,50
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This course is about how you can become able to develop your ability to be aware of your thought patterns and to change them so that they empower you.

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Perception Channels


How do you perceive the world?
How do you learn best?
How do you communicate?

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We perceive the world through our sensory organs and through cognitive and emotional processing of what we see, hear and touch. Different persons perceive the world in different ways, and we have all our own optimal way of receiving information and learning new things. There are several reasons for this, as personality type, cultural background, experience, formal education, etc.

But, a factor that we often overlook is how our perception works in itself, on a basic level.

This is used in some e-courses offered at PsykosyntesForum, and the mini-course has
a simple test, with which you can establish your own Primary Perception Channel.

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Getting stuck sometimes in
a negative emotional state?

Learn to release limiting emotions gracefully.

Price $ 39
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In this e-course you can learn how to use simple but profound meditative techniques from CST, that will help you to let go of negative and chronic emotions. Emotions that may have no real connection with what is going on in your life, and which only limit and paralyze you and which constitute an unnecessary waste of your power and your energy.

You can read and listen to the course both on-line and by downloading an 32 page e-book plus the five mp3 audio files, total 100 minutes. One of these, a self-hypnosis session, also
includes BWE, BrainWave Entrainment.

Look at a short YouTube video :



Re-program Your Allergy

You will in this e-course learn how to use the hidden knowledge of your subconscious mind for supporting and activating the ability of your subconscious and your body to perform a permanent reprogramming of your immune defense system.

Read/listen to a sample.
Price $ 39
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The e-course consists of text material supported by 30 minutes audial version on three mp3 files, and of one selfhypnosis session of 40 minutes on mp3. The selfhypnosis session also has BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment. The course can be read and listened to on-line and/or can be downloaded.

Look at a short YouTube video :


Omprogrammera relationen

Re-program Your Relation.

Been trying relationship counseling, talked endlessly about your
problems, and nothing improved?

Learn how to build and reinforce
your relation by developing
self-knowledge and relating skills.

Price $ 150
Convert Currency

The course is built up around a framework of ten different sections. In most of these you
will encounter links transferring you to course sections that in reality are separate e-courses, possible to buy separately:

Basic Communication, The Elementity Test,
Get Unstuck, Handle Criticism, Release the Emotion, Mental Frames and the visualization The Author.

Look at a short YouTube video :



Re-program Your Stuttering.

Have you tried everything for your stuttering, and nothing worked?

I re-programmed my
sub-conscious mind and I now
speak completely fluently.

Read/listen to a sample.
Price $ 69
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This course is based on a treatment program for stuttering and speech blocking, that has
been developed at PsykosyntesForum.

The course has 12 separate sections, and is based on a number of techniques from CST, both those that work on a conscious and cognitive level, and those that directly influence the subconscious mind.

The course is best done on-line over the web, but in each section a corresponding chapter from an e-book in pdf format can be downloaded and printed. The different sections also include 18 audio recordings, that you can listen at on-line, or that you can download in order to listen off-line on your computer or with an ipod. The course e-book consists of 62 text pages, and the total recording time for the audio files is almost 3 hours. Some of the audio recordings include BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.

Personal Skype-video-coaching during the course can be ordered._

Look at a short YouTube video :


Du Kan Stava

You Can Spell

A mini-course in e-book format.
Learn how to find your ability for spelling correctly by using your memory access in an optimal way.

The memory access is different for right-handed and left-handed persons, so the
e -book comes in two versions.
PDF format, 10 pages.

__________________Read more ->>

For right-handed: Price $ 6,50
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For left-handed_: Price $ 6,50

Look at a short YouTube video :


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